" I first met Shelley at a skin workshop in Baltimore over a year ago and was astounded by her extensive knowledge of skin health and products. She blew all the other estheticians out of the water. I had been fighting acne for over 10 years and no matter what I did, no products worked to clear my skin. I have received several facials from Shelley since that time, and they are always so relaxing and soothing. I have moved across the country but still order her products exclusively which are vegan and contain no harsh toxins. My skin is completely cleared! I can't imagine what my skin would look like without Renew Botanicals Herbal Cleanser & Moisturizer. Highly recommend - life changing." - Laura G.

"Shelley is truly awesome - as in awe inspiring!  Her facials are an oasis in a stressful world, but they are so much more; providing the care and attention your skin deserves!  Her products are wonderfully effective and the scents and feel make them a delight to use.  On a more practical level, Shelley offers true value and tremendous customer service.  I can't recommend her strongly enough! Enjoy an appointment with Shelley soon.  ~Wendy A.

"I've been seeing Shelley (and only Shelley) for all of my skin care needs since I was in high school. I won't let anyone else touch my eyebrows because I just know they wouldn't be as good as when she does them. I'd go to see her in any location. We love her face wash and moisturizers at my house! Shelley takes the time to learn all about her customers' skin and creates custom products that she knows will work for you (and she'll even scent them how you want!). I can't recommend Shelley enough."  ~ MCM

I have been seeing Shelley for several years now and I'm extremely loyal to her as my Esthetician. Not only does she give the best and most relaxing facials, but she also makes handmade, organic and vegan products right in her shop. She will customize products for your skin type and make recommendations for each client's needs based on their individual skin type or seasonal considerations. I use her custom moisturizers, face wash, and acne serum for breakouts. I have also tried her delicious body butters and shower gels. I love her location and found her studio to be the perfect place for relaxing while receiving a facial. I highly recommend Shelley to everyone and encourage you to go treat yourself to a facial soon.” ~ Jessie D.

When I first found Shelley 7 years ago, I was looking for an esthetician who could provide waxing services with minimal discomfort and a pleasant experience. I found that and much more with Shelley's services. Her products leave your skin with no irritation, and the results are consistently fantastic." ~ Christy B.

I highly recommend ReNew Botanicals. Shelley is extremely competent, dedicated, and personable and provides highly-customized services. I use her line of facial products and my skin has never looked better- I won't use anything else.” ~ Janis R.

"I started going to Shelley when I just became so fed up with my skin breaking out.  I had tried what I thought was everything to clear my acneic skin, I found Shelley's site on a whim after some hours on Google. Her approach reminded me of an approach that had worked well in the past for my skin. It was a great choice because ever since I found her site on Google I have been in awe of how much she's helped my skin heal. Not just the facials but her handmade products, along with suggestions concerning my diet have helped to keep my skin clear. Her services are well worth it and I'd recommend anyone to give her a try no matter what type of skin you have." ~ Kelitah A.