renew botanicals studio

ReNew Botanicals Studio is one of the few skin care studios in Baltimore that uses organic and toxic-free products in an eco-friendly environment. In my intimate, appointment-only studio, I offer personalized facial treatments that my clients have loved for years. My clients often tell me that it’s my personalized service, knowledge and skillful touch that brings them back time and again.

Are you tired of products that have a long list of promises, but provide few results? Are you concerned about the effect that all of the chemical additives are having on your body?  That's why, in 2009, born out of my love of aromatherapy and all things plant related, my passion for providing my clients with the best holistic skin care, and my deep respect for the planet I created my customized organic and vegan skin care line, ReNew Botanicals. Using my 25 years experience as a Master Esthetician, I formulated a unique blend of predominately organic, all-natural, vegan ingredients that allowed me to truly provide my clients with the absolute best in holistic skin care.

I promise you will never find parabens, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disruptors, GMOs, non-organically grown plants, propylene glycol, petroleum based ingredients, or toxic chemicals of any kind. And we never ever test on animals.  ReNew Botanicals is simply this: gentle, yet results oriented products that provide exactly what your skin needs and nothing else.  The result is healthy, radiant skin.    

To try ReNew Botanicals for yourself, schedule a personal consultation.

When you choose Renew Botanicals, know that you will only receive the best-quality products and services, a customized experience that meets your specific needs, and a personal consultation to continue your skin care at home.