Consult with Shelley



Are you overwhelmed by the array of skin care products out there?  Are the products you are using not giving you the glowing healthy skin you want?  Do you live too far to come see me or do not have the time? 

You can work directly with me via my Email Consultation Program.  At the end of our consultation you will receive a discount code to purchase the recommended products. 


For over two decades I have successfully helped people to achieve their healthy skin goals using a holistic approach.  Whether you have acne, rosacea, concerned about aging, dry/dull/flaky skin, hyperpigmentation or any other concern I can help.

Success depends on both of us doing our part.  To get the best possible results, you should commit to:

  • Using the recommended Renew Botanicals or Aging With Attitude skin care routine diligently every day, twice per day.  If you use other lines I will not be able to ascertain any problems that arise or monitor your progress 
  • Carefully follow the home care guidelines and suggestions I recommend including dietary changes.

Acne clients should check in with me via email every 2 weeks, until skin is clear.

All other clients should check in with me before reordering products for a re-evaluation.

This is an Email Consultation

 After you purchase the consultation you will receive a welcome email  with an attached questionnaire.  It will  request you attach photos in your reply (these can be taken with a smart phone but must be done with good lighting and close up so I can see your skin clearly).

Once I receive your questionnaire and photos I will evaluate and make recommendations to help you meet your skin care goals.   In order to keep your skin at its optimal best for health and beauty, we recommend doing a follow-up consultation each time you re-order products.  This is a free service and only requires a few follow-up questions.  However, if there is a major change to your skin a new consultation will be required.

After you receive the results and recommendations you will be given a code to receive $30 off your purchase when you spend $70 or more.