The Part Of Your Body You Are Neglecting

“I hate My Neck”, or “my neck is making me look old”. These are some of the comments I hear from clients quite frequently.

Your neck and your décolleté (upper chest area)  will show signs of aging before your face, in most cases, because the skin there has less  oil glands, less elastin and thinner skin tissue than our faces. Women often overlook the décolletage and neck when it comes to skin care, not realizing they should be treating it with just as much care as their face

sundamage and loss of elatin on decollete

sundamage and loss of elatin on decollete

So just how should you be taking care of this delicate area?  The first step, the same way you cleanse your face.  Using the same cleanser start at the décolleté and work your way up your neck and then to your face in a gentle upward motion.  After cleansing you should then follow with a serum/moisturizer that is rich in antioxidants such as Pomegranate Oil, Rosehips Seed Oil, Borage Oil, etc.  Antioxidants fight free radical damage which leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin.  These oils also help the appearance of sun damage.  Speaking of sun damage, you must apply sunscreen to your décolleté, neck and face anytime you are leaving the house, even on cloudy days.

It is also important to exfoliate your neck and décolleté to remove the dead skin so that your serum and moisturizer can penetrate the skin and not just sit on top.  Since this area is delicate as discussed above, it is important not to use harsh chemicals or scrubs.  Enzymes such as papaya (papain) and pineapple (bromelain) are perfect or gently massage a product that contains jojoba beads.

It is never too late improve the appearance of your skin and prevent further damage.  Starting today, treat your décolleté and neck with the same care as your face. Use products with ingredients listed above and use sun protection. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and is visible.  As I always stress, using the right products and taking preventative measures are crucial to good skincare regime that will keep you looking fabulous.

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Is It Really Bad to Sleep in Makeup?

With the holidays almost here many of us will be going to parties, gatherings, and other events.  We come home tired and just want to go to sleep, so we skip out on washing our face and removing the days makeup.  You probably know it is not a great idea but you think ah just this once. 

Sleeping with makeup.jpg

And if it was just that one time it probably isn't that bad BUT it does have a cumulative effect.  Also, you have probably had a few alcoholic beverages and that is dehydrating which is very damaging to the skin, as I have discussed in many of my posts. Therefore, coupled with the dehydration, you have now skipped on moisturizer to add the much needed moisture. 


So just what happens to the skin as we sleep? Our skin goes through a renewing process so that we can wake up to rejuvenated, radiant skin after a good nights sleep. Each night you wear makeup to bed will clog your pores and may causes breakout which may attract bacteria.  In addition, it can also age the skin by causing free radical damage from not removing the the days pollution, dirt and grime.  Free radical damage causes the breakdown of collagen and elastin which results in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.  Your skin will also begin to appear dull.


And it isn't just about Foundation. So if you are thinking well, I don't wear Foundation, I just wear some eyeliner and mascara, that can be problematic for your eyes.  You are leaving yourself prone to an eye infection or at the very least irritation and inflammation.

We all want to look our best everyday but especially when we are going to parties and other events.  The best way to achieve that is to take good care of your skin.  Use the right cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliate once a week and DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR will look radiant.   Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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This week, after two years in the making, I am so excited to announce that I have launched my new line, Aging With Attitude.  Not only is this line a labor of love but is a reflection of my beliefs regarding aging.

Aging With Attitude by Renew Botanicals

Aging With Attitude by Renew Botanicals

I really dislike the term" anti-aging".  Our society looks down on aging but in many societies it is considered a privilege and the elders are revered.   I think we all should consider it a privilege and a gift, after all what is the alternative?  So I embrace it.    Julia Louis-Dreyfus said to New Beauty Magazine (and I agree) “I hate that word, [anti-aging]! It should be something positive, like pro-aging.”  That is why I named my line Aging With Attitude.  I don't want to spend my life acting like a victim of aging.  Freaking out over every line, spot, or gray hair.  BUT I still want to look fabulous. 

And you can and should look fabulous.  Accepting the fact that you are getting older does not mean you should neglect yourself.  Your skin is your largest organ.  So it stands to reason that we need to respect and care for it as we do the rest of our body.  As every article, and our doctors tell us, we should eat a healthy diet, get exercise, and keep our minds active as well.  Beauty starts from the inside, both in health and in our minds.

As we get older our skin and body go through many changes.  I want to help you embrace those changes by helping you look and feel your best. Using the correct products for your skin will keep your skin looking radiant. The correct ingredients for your maturing skin will keep it looking smooth and subtle.  Aging With Attitude will give you glowing beautiful skin for the woman you are now.  No false claims about erasing winkles; just the truth.  By taking good care of your skin you can be stunning at any age .  The key is to start now. 

Aging With Attitude available at

Aging With Attitude available at